Container shelters ST36-62


Dimensions 6,06 x 6,1 x 1,8 m., area 36m2. PVC material 650 g/m², resistant to UV radiation; colour – white; distance between frame posts – 2m. Tax is added to the price.

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Container shelter ST36-62

Container shelters as specially designed for protecting materials, construction equipment, vehicles etc. from bad weather conditions. This sparing and durable storage unit can also be used as a work station. It is possible to create an entirely sealed area, if front and back walls are installed. Erecting these shelters is easy and quick and it is also possible to deconstruct the shelter and move it to another location. At this moment we are offering two types of container shelters- with single and double structured arches.


Dimensions (LxWxH) 6,06 x 6,1 x 1,8 m.
Tent material 650 g/m2 PVC, resistant to UV radiation
Tent colour White
Distance between arches 2 m.
Internal area 36 m2

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    Payment by installments for businesses and individuals


    All shelters come with installation manuals. I self-installing, check out recommendations and terms under subsection “Installation


    ST36-62 series models have a strong frame- 2 metres between arches. For the tent, durable 650g/m2 PVC materiali has been used. That ensures great durability even under a larger load of snow. To ensure your hangars longevity, if possible try to take into account the prevailing wind directions at the intsallation site.


    If the client wishes, or the local municipality requires, we also offer projects for the hangars.

    Read more about it here: https://pvcangaarid.ee/projekt


    We offer a 3 year warranty for our hangars.