PVC hangar Norda 100


Dimensions 20 x 5,5 x 5,3 m, area 110m2. Gate size 3,7 x 4,0 m. PVC material 650 g/m², resistant to UV radiation; colour- white; distance between frame posts- 2m. Installation possible without foundation. Tax is added to the price.



PVC hangar Norda 100

PVC hangar Norda 50-62 dimensions are 20 x 5,5 x 5,3 m, area 110m2. Gate dimensions 3,4 x 4,1 m. PVC material 650 g/m², resistant to UV radiation; colour white; length between frame posts 2m. Possible to install without foundation. Is self-installable or installation can be ordered from us. Reinforced frame ensures durability to the weight of snow


Dimensions (LxWxH) 20 x 5,5 x 5,3 m.
Gate dimensions 3,4 x 4,1 m.
Tent material 650 g/m2 PVC, resistant to UV radiation
Tent colour White or green
Distance between arches 2 m.
Area 110 m2

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    Payment by installments for businesses and individuals


    The hangar can be used as any purpose shelter. Its shape makes it especially suitable for sheltering trucks. The gate dimensions make it suitable for any kind of trucks or machinery. Both sides leave enough space for repairs or to insall shelves etc. Norda 100 is similar to Norda 50 but it is longer. If you need to make your hangar longer, you can connect similar models together.



    All our hangars are built to withstand the regions climate. As in Estonia and Finland the possibility of heavy snow, winds and storms is greater, we have constructed our frames from a strong 60×1,5mm zinc coated pipes . The PVC tent material has been chosen particularly strong, to ensure durability and longevity. According to different sources the life span of PVC, in our region, is 20+ years.



    The hangar is easy to install. With two people, it is possible to erect the hangar in a day.  First the support soles are fixed to the ground. The way, they are fixed, depends on the ground.  It is possible to install the hangar on soil. There are 16x500mm metal rods included for that.

    Koormarihma kinnitus

    There are three for each post. On dense ground it is needed to drill holes beforehand and use a pressure hammer. There are pockets, with a metal pipe inside, on the edges of the tent. The Nööride paigaldustent is attached to the pipe with straps near each support sole. Using the straps, the tent is tightened equally around the frame. The whole tent is one piece . The gate piece is installed separately and tightened using ropes. The tent is also tightened on the ends using ropes to ensure a tight fit around the frame and to get rid of any wrinkles.

    For more details read terms of installation.





    If the client wishes, or the local municipality requires, we also offer projects for the hangars.

    Read more about it here: https://pvcangaarid.ee/projekt


    We offer a 3 year warranty for our hangars.